Revealing the Effects of Recycling Plastic Bottles on The Environment

Since decades plastic water bottles of varied qualities, sizes and of different makes have been part and parcel of everyone life. Mostly the bottles are used to carry liquids. It successfully replaced bottles made of glass. As the glass bottles were expensive, breakable and weighed more. Hence people easily adapted to plastic bottles, so as to carry any kind of liquid material. Moreover when people started to think about mineral water to be healthier in comparison to tap water, the production of plastic bottles got increased in leaps and bounds.

In early days when it was marketed there was little awareness of its harms. In recent years after viewing its harm to environment and realizing its cons, people have started finding ways to minimize its usage. Research has proven that plastic bottles are proving to be more disadvantage than beneficial.

Why plastic bottles are proving to be a nuisance to environment?

  • Even though plastic bottles are convenient to use, they occupy more space in waste disposal matter. As mass of people prefer to throw waste on ground, throwing the used bottles prove to be harmful for land. When dump in landfill, they don’t get decompose like other waste materials as the plastic is non biodegradable. As it takes 1,000 of years for natural degrade of the plastic bottles.
  • When the bottles made from non-decomposing plastic is burned in waste recycling yard, the toxic gas rising from it spoils the atmospheric air.
  • If thrown in water resources, there are innumerable chances of it spoiling marine life.
  • It is a proven fact that it is source of harmful chemicals.
  • To manufacture the bottles in factories, there is more consumption of energy, which proves it to be quite costly manufacturing product.

Fortunately to save the environment from plastic bottle wastage, there are recycle plastic bottles available worldwide. Plastic recycling is mainly done by producing new products from the scrap and plastic waste.

Benefits of using recycle plastic bottles:

  • They are environment friendly. As the waste plastic is used to make new products, there are less chance of discarding the used plastics in land or water.
  • It helps in conserving natural resources like petroleum. To make new plastic bottles large amount of crude oil is needed, thus recycling of the discarded plastic helps in saving tons of oil.
  • ¬†Even aids in reducing the green house gas emission. As the plastic isn’t burnt, the chances of spreading the fumes of chemical in air has reduced significantly.
  • ¬†Perfect to reduce pollution. There isn’t any doubt that recycling of plastic bottles has helped to lessen the pollution caused by non-degrading waste.
  • Even its manufacturing cost is less as it saves energy. Manufacturers of plastic bottles feel relieved, as they don’t have to spend large capital to make the new bottles as crude oil and electricity aren’t cheaper source.

Recycling of the scraps of plastic bottles has proved beneficial to save flora and fauna around. To know more log on to