Tanzanite Jewelry Can Change Your Life


Tanzanite-Jewelry-Earrings-Rings-and-Necklaces-620x350Tanzanite is of blue and violet color. It belongs to the epidote group. Manuel d’Souza discovered it in the Mirerani Hills of Manyara Region, based in Northern Tanzania. He originated from India and was on a quest to discover stones in Tanzania. Legend says that the Masai herders found the stone after a lightning struck the meadows and set them on fire. When they returned with their herds, instead of grass they found blue stones all over the ground.

D’Souza first thought that the blue stones he found were sapphires but soon he found out that it was something else. It is a very rare stone and can only be found in a very small mining area in Tanzania. The mining area is just 2 km in width and 7 km in length, situated close to Mirerani Hills. A tanzanite can be of blue, burgundy and violet shade. The shade differs according to crystal orientation. The color shade can change in appearance under different lighting conditions. For example tanzanite stone appears more blue when it is subjected to fluorescent light.

Considered a birthstone for December, the stone originally has reddish brown color. Heat treatment is required to eliminate the brown screen. After the treatment we get a blue violet color. It is pretty attractive. Gemstones are believed to have spiritual powers. Tanzanite is also considered as a powerful stone that contains spiritual energy. It is believed to form connections of mind with higher realms. It is said that it can help you know yourself from an in-depth level. When you get to know your weaknesses and strengths, you exercise a stronger hold on yourself. This higher self-control will give you a new kind of freedom. A tanzanite birthstone, also known as a birthstone December can enhance your intellect, strategic thinking and your fighting skills. Repressed feelings and emotions make us weak. A tanzanite gemstone can bring repressed emotions up to the brim, ultimately eradicating weakness of your body. A tanzanite necklace can develop your clairvoyance and clairaudience. You will see that your intuition level is enhanced and your psychic communication levels have been boosted up.

For people who find it hard to communicate their inner feelings, a tanzanite braceletand a tanzanite pendant can provide a positive energy to improve your communication abilities. It is believed that tanzanite jewellery can help you strengthen your immune system. It can improve your body’s vitality. Another power related to tanzanite rings, tanzanite earrings, tanzanite wedding rings and other jewelry is that it enhances cell generation.

If you have plans to propose to the love of your life, tanzanite engagement ringcan be the best choice. You can find tanzanite priceon the web. Rings, earrings, necklace are available at a competitive price. Just select a design and add them to your cart. People love this stone especially to get rid of heart problems. This stone’s healing energies are not confined to visible physical diseases. It works on relieving you of anxiety and stress.