Online Poor Reviews Can Damage Brand Reputation Even If It Is Not the Business Owners Fault

3-142643_3_6Google is the first hurdle, where customers stop to find information related to your brand, product, or business. It is fine if you have a single or more bad review but if they get revealed on the first page then your risk to lose a prospective customer at the first hurdle increases.

Ninety percent customers hardly look beyond search result first page, so it becomes necessary to eliminate this first page negativity.

Single negative word causes misery  

Besides word-of-mouth recommendation, online reviews are trusted form of brand promotion. Today, online and offline businesses are getting burnt because of a couple of poor reviews.

For example, in 2005, Dell business experienced a drastic decline because a blogger posted negative comment on its customer service and called it “Dell Hell’.

Social media threats

Consumers are demanding that brands resolve their issues on Facebook and Twitter because the hassle and time related to calling their customer service desk frustrates them.

If an issue gets posted online and is not resolved quickly then it escalates uncontrollably because more people add their experiences and comments. The condition becomes critical, when a business attempts to fight these remarks or deletes them.

The best way to avoid such situation is to monitor your social accounts and respond rapidly. For example, a negative post went viral, accumulating thousands of likes, comments and shares in a single week. The Hyundai Australia responded only, when the statistics hit national news.

Beware of swindlers

Like no human is perfect, businesses too can get poor customer reviews every now and then. The thing that matters is how you handle user’s comments. For large organizations, it can be something more because they can be online brand abusers targeted victim. These malicious minded people intend to damage the brands marketing campaign with fake reviews and unproven rumours.

For example, “Just Jeans” is a brand, but were recently victims of social media hoax. The swindlers registered on social media as ‘Just Jeans’ and used brand’s logo as profile image. In 12 hours, the visitors, who wrote comments on the page got abusive response from swindlers. ‘Just Jeans’ administrators had to apologize for the offensive posts, even though they were not responsible.

Online reputation needs constant monitoring and fixture, whenever necessary. From the above examples, it is revealed that bad reputation online is not always business owners fault. Business owners learn to monitor their online reputation and make sure that negative reviews don’t go out of control. Fix them by executing effective reputation management techniques.  See here to learn more about how online reputation gets damaged, if you are not cautious.

How reviews affect online marketing?

Positive reviews –

  • Make shoppers easy to select you over competitors
  • Add keyword rich text, when posted on your site
  • Generates referrals
  • Adds credibility
  • Give a chance to address bad reviews before they start damaging your repute
  • Orange stars displayed on Google’s paid-search ads influence viewers to click
  • Organic listing also displays the stars, which makes lower position results stick out

Never miss a single negative content because it can disturb all the benefits you obtain from positive ones. You made a lot of effort in building your brand reputation, so hire professionals. The fees associated seem less in comparison to the price, which you will need to pay for fixing a single poor review.