How a Subscription Box Can Enrich Your Life


If you frequently find yourself staring into rows of catnip-laden mice, squirrels, and fish, a monthly cat subscription box may be the help you need. When you sign up for a monthly subscription box for cats, you can forgo the agony of toy selection and focus on spending quality time with your furry friend. If you’re undecided about whether a subscription box is right for your lifestyle, continue reading below to discover the great benefits a subscription can offer.

They Save Time

Gone are the days where you’d stare at the pet aisle in wordless wonder. When you sign up for a subscription service, you can schedule a year’s worth of toys to arrive on your front step. The less time you spend choosing toys and treats for your cat, the more time you can spend playing with them and enjoying their fuzzy company. And best of all, signing up usually takes twenty minutes or less.

They Save Money

A monthly cat subscription box can help you cut back on spending as well. When you know you’ll have hand-selected toys, treats, and accessories delivered to your door on a regular basis, you can curb impulse purchases at the grocery and pet store. Likewise, because you’ll pay a regular, flat fee every month, it’ll be easy to fit your cat’s care into your budget and project spending.

They Value Health

The people who choose the toys and treats for your monthly subscription box love cats as much as you do. You won’t have to worry about whether a toy is safe or if the treats are healthy for your cat – someone else has already done the homework for you. You can rest easy knowing that whatever goodies you receive through your subscription have been selected with your cat’s best interest at heart.

They Help Entertain

If you’ve ever bought a pack of toys and couldn’t find any of them a week later (except perhaps the cotton remnants of a mouse), you’ve witnessedthe perils feline toys endure. But when you have a monthly subscription, you can relax knowing that a new batch of toys will arrive in no time. Providing your cat with consistent sources of entertainment will bring enjoyment for your entire family and may even potentially offer reprieve for your furniture as well.

As you can see, a monthly cat subscription box offers a multitude of benefits for your family. When you sign up for a subscription service, you’re signing up for more than a box of goodies – you’re signing up to spend more time with your cat and less time shopping for them.