What You Need to Know About a Bucket Elevator


Everyone seems to be fascinated with television shows about how the many things they use each day are manufactured. When you are on the other side of the fence, it may be your job to make sure the production line runs smoothly. A big part of that could be the transport of product from one stage to the next. A firm understanding of how a bucket elevator works and how to select the right design for your application can be a critical part of a successful operation. While the purpose is much the same from company to company, the similarity ends there. The material being transported, the speed in which it may need to be accomplished and other challenges mean that your elevator design may need to be tailored to your application.

Consider Your Materials

When thinking about the materials that need to be moved, consider the characteristics. How much do they weigh? Are they fragile? Does the material stay put? Does it need special treatment? Consider also that a bucket elevator is not recommended for some materials, particularly sticky and wet materials that may create build-up or other issues that would hinder elevator movement. There are many different types of bucket elevator conveyor system configurations available that can be matched to your particular materials.Getting the buckets right – size, shape and material – can be a critical step.

Consider Capacity Rate

Think next about the section of your production line that you will be using the elevator. How quickly must it transport the materials so they can be utilized at the destination at the proper rate? How much material is needed at one time? Answering these questions may help you determine whether a single bucket or dual bucket elevator conveyor system is going to serve the best and what bucket size may be needed. Choosing the system that provides the proper cubic feet per hour can make the difference between a smooth running operation and one that simply doesn’t work.

Selecting the Proper Elevator

Getting the proper bucket elevator can depend on having the correct information going in. Just as a carpenter’s motto is, “measure twice, cut once,” you may want to make certain of the information you are providing to the elevator manufacturer so the system can be designed to meet your specific project requirements, including any additional features needed.

The key to getting the bucket elevator that will suit your needs and perform well is working with a manufacturer that is able to work with your team to design and configure the system down to the tiniest detail.