How Can I Prevent Brand Identity Theft?


A brand reflects the hours, work, energy and money that go into crafting the products and services it represents. It also reflects the quality and personality of the business. Businesses need to have a strong brand security plan in place in order to protect themselves and to establish their brand as high-quality and trustworthy.

The world is big and there are many people across all continents seeking to turn a profit. An easy way to do this is to capitalize on well-established brands. The hard work has already been done so all they have to do is use some brand identity components on a similar-looking but low-quality product and many consumers won’t know the difference. Your business loses not only the money from that transaction but also, with each time this happens, a little bit of credibility (or, in some cases, a lot).

To the unwitting consumer, the makers and sellers of the counterfeit item, be it a purse or a website, are associated with your brand. So, in the consumer’s eyes, you are still responsible for the low-quality product or poor customer service experience, or the web attack or phishing scam. They may not blame you outright, but their trust in your business may be significantly diminished. This is why brand security is critical to keeping your business thriving. Two important ways to protect your brand are through secure labeling and website protection.

Security Through Labels

Labels serve to authenticate your brand and come in nearly countless shapes, sizes and forms. You may not even know that the labels you see also serve to secure the brand’s identity. Some may be holographic, sewn on or woven into materials, or tamper-evident. Other labels are fitted with security elements not visible to the consumer. They have features designed to be covert and, should the theft or fraud occur, analyzed in labs and used as evidence.

Protection Through Website Design

Phishing, hacking, and online stealing are more common in this day and age, and their impacts can be devastating to both victim and company alike. Site elements like shapes and visual effects that are easy to reproduce provide an easy opportunity for phishing. One way to protect your site is to make it holographic, which means using unique visual effects and difficult-to-mimic graphics. Logos, shapes, and other site elements that can be easily crafted in photoshop make for easy criminal targets.

You can protect your brand from fraud, theft and other harmful criminal activity by hiring a brand protection company. Securing your brand can reduce risk to your business and enhance it in the eyes of your consumers. When you reduce your own risk, you reduce theirs as well, thereby increasing brand quality and trustworthiness.