How to Get Information on the Casting Calls Events happening in your City


Casting is a process of searching and finalising actor/model for a role in your movie/modelling assignments. It is not about choosing the best looking girl/boy. It about choosing someone who can get into the skin of the role. The one whom you choose has to be professional, polite, and prompt. You cannot simply choose someone just because you know him/her well. Instead choose someone who is fit for the role.

Casting calls is a good platform for anyone who is planning to break through in the field of acting or modelling. If you intend to get into show business, try to get maximum information on open casting auditions as they are the focal point of your career.

Leading Casting agencies Amy Gossels casting has subscription option available in their website where you can subscribe too. Once subscribed, you get all fashion related information in your email.

Website Subscription

The auditions are open for those who are interested to do something in the field of acting, modelling and fashion industry. Many fresher who are just out of their art school are puzzled on where to kick-start their career from. They can subscribe to the website of all leading casting agencies. Once these agencies conduct free casting calls audition they will be informed through email and mobile messages.


One more source to get updates for casting call happening in your city is Craigslist. You can get info on the number of important gigs happening around. You just need to login to the website and chose your location. Search for `talent’ or `gigs’. You may find requirement for musicians and actors. However, it is essential for you to know that these jobs enlisted in the site are for P.R. job listing purposes. Hence you need to very careful while submitting the personal details.

Search Engine

Using search engines is another way to get free casting calls. Type the phrase in google and you will have endless results. There are few websites that offers information on the upcoming casting call events. Some are free while some are paid websites. Based on your requirement you can register. If you are ready to pay, you can apply for paid subscription.

Social Networking Sites

You can get information on the upcoming casting calls on the wall of casting agencies and other institutions holding casting roles in social networking sites like Facebook. These agencies are quite active in social sites. For publicity and marketing, they advertise their events on their wall. The only thing you have to do is keep browsing once in a while.

Local journals

Local journals are also a source of good info. The casting agents usually advertise their events in the local daily. Regularly read the ads section to search for casting call ad.

Lastly, try to maintain a good networking connection with people of similar field. If possible hire a professional agent who can take give you all the latest info on casting call and other allied events. Agents usually have contacts with a casting call staffs. Thus, by following the above sources, you can certainly keep yourself updated with all the happenings of fashion and acting world.