5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website


Whether you run a small local business or a larger one that operates regionally or beyond, every successful company shares a single universal truth: it needs a business website. Web hosting services for your business provide a wide range of benefits for consumer and entrepreneur alike.

Build Brand Awareness

A recent study showed that 85 percent of consumers use the internet to find products and services they are interested in. Without a website, you could be missing out on quite a few customers. A well-designed website that you update frequently will help current and potential customers get to know your company mission, your brand personality and your products or services. Google and other search engines have shifted focus to local results in recent years so a website is important even for small businesses that only operate locally.

Create a Sense of Trust

Purchasing web hostingand creating a website helps to instill a sense of trust in your customers. People who hear about a new product or service but cannot find any information on the company on the web tend to be wary of using it. Transparency on your website, which you can achieve by updating frequently and including a physical address and phone number, will help customers to view you as an expert and reputable service provider.

Allow Customers 24/7 Access

Without a website, your customers won’t be able to contact you 24 hours a day. Depending on the type of business you run, they may not be able to access you at all after traditional business hours or on the weekends. A website that provides a contact form means your customers can browse your products and services no matter what time it is. If you provide products, shopping online means you’ll make money even in the middle of the night. If your company offers a service, clients can fill out the contact form and specify a good time for you to contact them during your regular business hours. The accessibility will show people that you care about providing the best service you can.

Better Customer Service

A website shows all-around better customer service. From the contact form to listing phone numbers and a physical address, your customers will be glad to know you make your business accessible. You might even consider offering 24/7 customer support via the phone or an online chat program. Many web hosting services even offer to provide this type of support for you for an extra hosting fee.

Learn More About Your Customers

A business website gives you the opportunity to get to know your customers better. You can create email newsletters, track their browsing and shopping habits, create surveys and perform several other tasks that will give you an inside look at how people are shopping and what you can do to improve their experience.

When searching for web hosting services, avoid going with the first company that claims to offer unlimited services or that has a super low price. You get what you pay for. Instead, opt for a well-known company such as AT&T Website Solutions so you can be sure you’re getting excellent service at a fair price.