The Top Reasons for Golfers to Visit Atlanta

top-golf-fanbolt-204If you’re an avid golfer, when you think about “the perfect golfing experience,” you probably think about a beachside resort, or perhaps a lush green set in the middle of the Arizona desert. One place you probably wouldn’t consider is Atlanta, one of the biggest cities in the south. However, there are plenty of Atlanta golf courses out there, and many of them are far better than those found on even the nicest resorts. There are several reasons why you should consider having an Atlanta golf experience of your own, and a few of the biggest include:

Multiple Course Options

When you play gold, you want to experience a little bit of variety to make the sport more challenging. When you choose to play on Atlanta golf courses, you have the option to choose between several different challenging courses. The top choices for most golf fans like yourself include Lake View Golf Course and Mountain View Golf Course. Lake View runs alongside Mountain Creek Lake, and has many holes that use the water feature to create a more interesting experience overall. Mountain View is most well-known for hosting the PGA Tour’s Buck Challenge, and is much longer than Lake View overall. If you’re not quite ready to take on a full course, why not spend a little time at the Twin Oaks Practice Facility to brush up on your skills?Each course comes with its own difficulty level, and its own unique challenges regarding distance and course features.

Choose Your Schedule

When you choose the Atlanta golf experience, you won’t always have to show up at the same time as everyone else. If you prefer to go out golfing bright and early while the weather’s still cool, you’ll find your tee time available. If you’d prefer the charm of twilight, you’re sure to find a tee time that suits your needs as well. You may even be able to sign up for a same-day tee time if you get the sudden urge to go out golfing.


If you’re competitive about the sport you love, then you should know that Atlanta golf courses host countless prestigious tournaments each and every year. The tournaments hosted in this area range from amateur events for the newcomers, to intermediate and even professional events with big prizes at stake.


If you go golfing often, you might consider paying for a membership in the area. Depending on where you purchase this membership, you’ll have access to your favorite courses (along with several others in the area) throughout the year, whenever it’s most convenient for you. In some cases, this even qualifies you to compete in a wider variety of tournaments. Entering into this membership program also gives you the perfect opportunity to become better acquainted with other golfing fans like yourself, so you can meet up to enjoy your golfing together. After all, when you’re golfing, the more the merrier.

The Atlanta golf experience is certainly something to check out if you’ve ever considered yourself a golf enthusiast. Whether you golf a few times a month or several times a week, checking out these courses is the best way to support your awesome hobby.