How You Can Sue Someone Under Defamation Case


It is not an easy task to sue someone under defamation case. You must have a solid evidence against the person you are suing, as it is a very serious allegation against your opponent. You may get into trouble, if you cannot prove your allegation against him in the court of law. Usually, it is really very difficult to prove defamation and you need to hire a professional to help you out.

It is very important that one understands how to sue for defamation of character, beforehand so that he or she does not unnecessarily get into any legal trouble. You can sue someone under defamation only when you are cent-percent sure that the accused has defamed you publically.

Start collecting necessary evidences

To sue someone, you need to collect various evidences to support your case. These evidences must be 100% genuine and verified, so that it is easy to prove that your opponent has defamed you with mala fide intention. While you present your case in the court room, you will be cross questioned by opponents lawyer, and therefore your evidence should able to stand by you.

Besides that, you will also need to prove that the allegation made against you is completely false. It is also necessary to state how much damage has been caused to your reputation in the public domain. You must also gather a few witnesses, of those people who were present when such derogatory statements were made against you. If the allegation is in, writing then you must get the authenticated copy of the statement.

You need to present documented proof in the court of law for the damages done to your reputation . If your business has got affected and you have suffered any monetary loss, then the same must be suitably quantified in terms of money, and be supported with necessary documentary proof. You must also have written statements from various witnesses.

Talk to a good lawyer to get legal support

You cannot defend your case all by yourself in the court of law, and hence you need to hire a good lawyer to defend you. Lawyer will also add value to your evidences by suitably amending them in legal terms so that he is in the best position to present the case before the judge.

He will then examine your case and advice you whether it will be worth fighting it or not. If your case is very likely to win, then he will immediately take up your case. Otherwise he may tell you all the pros and cons of your lawsuit, so that you can take your conscious decision whether to go ahead with the defamation charges or not.

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with the lawsuit, your lawyer will file the case in the court. Some of the lawyers will try to discuss with the opponent party and convince him for out of court settlement. If your case is very strong, then your opponent may not be willing to contest against you in the court. So he or she might choose to withdraw statement made against you and be willing to compensate you financially.