Risk of Not Proofreading before Submission – How to Avoid it

downloadThe only reason you are writing your essay is to give a clear communication to the reader through your words. Therefore, it must well-portrayed and well expressed. The explanation mentioned in the essay should have matching evidences to support your point of view.

You cannot do well if there are writing errors throughout the essays and if your mode of expression is not crisp and clear. Additionally, the sentences should draw attention of the reader and not just be a boring text. This is why it is always mandatory to ensure that your essays have been proofread before submission.

How to do it yourself?

Starting with the basics – check your grammar and spelling

Bad grammar can potentially reduce your chances of getting selected. You must care about writing it well with short sentences. Use less conjunctions as it can lead to bulky paragraphs. Additionally, please pay special attention to prepositions and adverbs. Correct the red lines immediately as they appear in your word file.

Improvement over the flow of information

Your essay should have compact yet justified reasons. Flow of information is very critical. Otherwise the reader may find it difficult to understand. It is recommended to start with a summary of the project and outline the findings in a tabular format. You can show difference and analysis by giving statistics, graphs, pie-charts etc and do not forget to give a short explanation of the same.

Use particular information only once

Most of the students make mistake in repeating information again and again in the article. This shows lack of knowledge and interest to search proper data. If required make a rough draft before preparing your final copy. This will help you to have clear view about your ideas and execution will be smooth.

Voice text to check

Convert your text to voice check. Hear your own write-up. Analyze how it is sounding. It should be to the point and precise. If it sounds boring to you, you should change it immediately. This will help your basic proofreading.

Take professional help

You must be thinking how could it be easy? Truly speaking it cannot be easy. Instead of giving much time to your project, you should rather give time for preparation of the exams. With technology and the era of internet, nothing is impossible. Now, you can easily find online proofreaders, who can help you successfully finish your essay.

As per the recent statistics, the best essays which are submitted are from Canadian students. This is because buying essays in Canada is not difficult. Moreover, the professionals are experienced and updated with industry’s recent topics.

Choosing an online proofreader

While selecting an online proofreader please be careful. It is advised that you must always approach an experienced writer. Be cautious of proofreaders who are giving services at lower rates.


The best way to hire a proofreader is to join group discussion of students’ forums. You will find honest reviews. You might also ask your seniors or take help from friends. However, write on a different topic if you are taking help from your classmates. The reader should not assume that it is copied.