How to Write a Professional Environmental Policy for Your Business

An environmental policy is nothing but a written statement, which is signed by the senior management in any organization. This policy outlines the business principles and aims at managing the environmental effects on its operation. Though putting an environmental policy in place is voluntary, but an increasing number of corporations are doing so.


An environmental policy serves useful if an organization is planning to implement environmental management standard like ISO 14001. It’s also important if an organization is planning to work or currently working with large corporations, or if an entity wants to showcase to its stakeholders such as customers, suppliers and shareholders that we are committed towards management of environmental aspects in an effective way. This guide will brief you the benefits of putting an environmental policy in place and some suggestions to make good content for the same.

Advantages of Making an Environmental Policy

  • An environmental policy serves as the base of environmental improvements your business is planning to make. Following are some benefits of making an environmental policy.
  • Helps you to work and operate within the law.
  • Improves information and knowledge of your employees about their environmental responsibilities and roles.
  • Improves cost control and cost efficiency.
  • Reduces incidents which may otherwise result in liability.
  • Helps in conservation of energy and raw materials.
  • Improves an organization’s monitoring of aspects related to environment.
  • Improves the efficiency of your business processes.
  • Helps in developing better reputation and relations with external stakeholders such as suppliers, customers, insurers, investors, local community and regulators by demonstrating commitment towards environmental management. Such a demonstration can in turn lead to the improvement in an organization’s market image and financial benefits like increased market share, customer sales and investment.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that only making an environmental policy will not help in achieving required results. One needs to ensure that the policy gets implemented and results get achieved in a strategic manner.

Format for Writing an Environmental Policy

Although there’s no standard format to write an environmental policy, however to ensure that your hard work gets results, you should plan the policy carefully. If you’re not that good with environmental policy knowledge, you can look for a law clerk to do the requisite job for you. You can consult Ellery Shane Gordon, one of the most popular law clerks in California. He has pursued his education from a law school in Arizona. You can take guidance from him to write the most professional environmental policy for your business.

To ensure that your environmental policy is successful, you need to tailor it in such a way that it reflects your business culture to stakeholders. You can make key emphasis on improved risk management, cost reduction etc. However, make sure that after securing a commitment in the policy, you assess where your organization, at present, stands in terms of the environmental management.


Hope this guide will give you a clear idea about the benefits which your business will secure from an environmental policy.