How a Wind Turbine Works

maxresdefaultWind power is a reusable form of energy that has been growing in popularity. This type of energy, though, requires a wind turbine to collect the energy. The turbine uses wind generator blades that help enable it to harness the wind. The concept may seem a bit complex, but when it is broken down, how a wind turbine works is actually rather straightforward.

The Basic Structure

While you may not be interested in wind turbine DIY, it does help to know the different parts and how they are assembled to create the wind turbine. To make it easier, the focus will be on horizontal style wind turbines.

To begin with, the turbine has a tower attached to a foundation. The tower is usually very tall, so it can extend into an area that gets good wind flow and won’t be blocked by any structures nearby. The foundation simply keeps the tower in place and ensures it is firmly attached to the ground.

At the top of the tower are the wind generator blades. There are usually three of them. These blades are attached to a rotor, which is the part of the turbine that collects and converts the energy for the wind. There is also the nacelle, which holds all the mechanical components, including a generator, to convert the energy.

How It Makes Electricity

You can think of a wind turbine like a backwards fan. While a fan using energy to produce wind, the turbine uses the wind to produce energy. As the blades spin, they work with the rotor and electronic components to turn the power of the rotating blades into electricity.

Where the Power Goes

In order for the electricity produced by the wind turbine to actually be used, it must go to a transformer, just like electricity from other sources. From the transformer, the energy is then sent out to power boxes where it is then converted and sent to homes and businesses for use.

The Importance of Wind Power

The electricity most people currently use comes from fossil fuels. These fuels are limited in supply. While we still have access to rather abundant sources of fossil fuels, this won’t always be the case. Eventually, they will run out. That is why alternative, natural energy sources, like wind power, are needed. By utilizing these power sources now, it enables people to extend the life of the remaining fossil fuels. At the same time, it allows for these technologies to be perfected so that in the future when the fossil fuels run out, there are back up power sources.

All the different parts of a wind turbine, like the wind generator blades, are important. Without each part, it would be impossible for the turbine to produce energy. As this energy is collected, it is then distributed so it can be used by people all over, just as other energy sources are. With new energy sources, like wind power, people are able to decrease the use of fossil fuels and enable a brighter future when fossil fuels are no longer available.