Things every son should know about their Dad

The kind of relationship that every man has with his dad is different. For every man, his dad turns out to be the most influential person on this planet. Moreover, they are the ones to whom we go to when faced with the toughest questions of life. We spent major portions of our lives calling our Dad for advice, which makes us not just closer to them but at the same time understand them better.


I need to call my dad hundreds of times a day for no any special reason. I just have to share every important (and not-so-important) thing with him. He is my backbone of life. If he listens to my words, I get relaxed. From my experiences, I have listed down a few things, which you should know about your Dad.

He too wants to share his feelings with you

You often call your dad to share your emotions with him, ask for their suggestions, and tell them what you want. Did you ever think of what they want? Though being a parent your dad does not expect anything from you, but it is your responsibility to take care of their needs. It can be either his daily needs or his words and emotions, which he has no one else to share. Yes, he definitely has many things to share with you. If you go and start a conversation, then you can see that his talks are mostly related with your moments of success. Those make them proud! This is your dad! It is you, who is all over in his memories. Just get a cake for Father’s Day and start a conversation with him through a celebration. Such conversations can go on for long hours; it is time for you to have one such conversation with him too.

He loves to get your attention

Yes, he loves to be with you, to play with you, to hear stories from you, to share your hard feelings, to enjoy your moments of celebrations! You call him and talk to him about your everyday life, and he listens to each of them very carefully and with patience. When you get into any trouble, he comes into rescue. This makes them happier to be the saviour of your life! With your growing age, from being a father he decides to be your friend. At his age, you should also be his best friend, as he understands you better than anyone does! You know his taste, right. So the next time when you have a father’s day coming up, order his favourite flavoured father’s day cakes online to make him feel truly special. If you are too confused to understand, you can take the help of online portal, which will give you a range of options to choose from. Look for some amazing father’s day cakes ideas to make him feel out of the world.

He loves to see you admire the people those he does

There are some important people in history that your father has always admired and found them to be truly influential. He would love to see you inquiring about them, to know them better! In doing so, you will get to know who those great personalities were; it gives you a deeper insight about your father. You can get his favourite personality’s photo personalized on a bottle lamp or photo frame and gift to your dad for making him feel truly special. You can take the help of any online portal if you are confused for time and send father’s day gift online to let him know that you understand him better.