Reasons To Say No To Knock-off Chargers – The Risk Associated With Them


Problems may come in the chargers you are using for long to charge your device, but is it a good idea to buy a cheap charger which ensures no safety? Obviously, you will say NO but in reality there are a huge number of people who get lured by the chargers which cost quite less than the standard chargers that are mainly higher in prices.

It is always advised to go for brands when buying a charger. Brands do not only provide you the reliability but also gives you the freedom to use standard USB chargers with your phones, tabs or other gadgets.

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Risk with cheap chargers

There are various reasons to avoid buying and using a cheap or knock-off charger, one reason to do so is- your safety. With cheap chargers you always bring a lot of headaches. They can stop working anytime, may be within a day or a week, and you can do nothing about it.

Most of them are poorly designed and hence cannot be used on various devices you own and doing it may result in the damage of your device.

There are a number of cases registered in which fire hazards occurred because of using a knock-off charger and in worst cases it has also led to the death of the user. Well, you might take it as just another device, but risking your life by using those cheap dangerous chargers is surely not a good idea.

The low priced cheap chargers are so poorly designed that some of them do not have insulation tapes and protective cases. Some can even give you electric jerks because they leak electricity.

How to differentiate between a standard and a fake charger

If you observe closely, you will get to know the minor visual difference which is always there on a fake charger. Fake chargers are always tried to manufactured almost as same as the official look of a brand, but be alert while buying. For instance- On Apple chargers, you can find the words-”Designed in California,” etched on the back.

Steps taken against local chargers

When fake chargers with quite lower prices started to sell-off in markets on the name of reputed brands, without any fear, it became a pain in the butt for the company owners. Some companies even went on and took serious steps to remove this serious hazard from the market.

Because of a flood of complaints, Apple has started an official program to remove those fake and hazardous chargers which are being sold in the market. Similarly, Amazon took an important step and banned cheap, non-compliant cables from being sold on their site.

Always rely on brands when purchasing gadgets, chargers, or device ports. It is very important to be extra alert while buying a charger because it is going to affect your gadgets badly if it is of poor quality. Never put yourself at risk as well, by getting trapped by the low prices which a local charger offers.

Brands may cost you more, but they are the most trustworthy, safe and durable. Always check the specifications and other features while buying a charger.