A Guide on How to Choose a Suitable Thesis Topic

home_2Choosing a good dissertation topic is one of the important choices that you will ever make in your professional career. A good research depends on a lot of factors. The ability to execute research depends on various research skills as well as access to resources like funding, equipment, time and technical support.

Your research idea should be of interest to other academics too in the field. The interestingness of the project also depends on the type of audience as well. Some projects would be fascinating to few of them, while completely pointless to others. For more guidelines regarding a good thesis topic, you can follow this link.
Guide to choose a good thesis topic

  • Originality

Research need to be original. However, it is not mandatory that every aspect of the research needs to be original.

  • Develop an idea

You need to check your existing literature so as to find out what idea has been investigated already. It would help you to know what research has been done. It would make sure that your idea is original and would help you to know what research methods can be applied this time. It would also help you to know how other researchers have approached all the similar problems.

You can talk to the other researchers in your department to get the feedback on ideas. It would also enable you to know what expertise and resources are available to you. If you are given a specific problem, there is lot of ways to approach it. You need to think of all these alternatives and consider them practically. Developing a research idea generally means investing a lot of energy and time into some ideas. It is not wastage of time, as through the bad idea you will often come up with the good one.

  • Starting small

It might be possible that you set your aim as high as possible and want to make your project very comprehensive. These projects are generally easy to imagine, but very hard implementing. You need to think the simplest possible version of your project and then think how you would go with it. You can then add extra complexity, but you need to achieve simple version first.

  • Word of caution

Although it is important that you choose a topic of your interest, it can lead to the confirmation bias where you would pay attention only to the results so as to support the existing view. Though it is ok to expect a result, as a researcher you should try to prove yourself wrong at every point of time whenever a new and better result conform to your own expectations.

  • Proposals

You may need to write a research proposal depending upon your PhD programme. The requirements of such proposals depend upon the institutions- you may have to write proposal before being even accepted as a student. Your research proposal needs to show the clarity of the research objective as well as the choice of the suitable methodology.

It is important that you choose a relevant thesis topic depending upon your interest. It should appeal to your audience what you are actually trying to prove.