Boost Your eCommerce Sales With an Online Video Creator

A picture may say a thousand words, but it’s all about video these days. Companies, no matter how small or big, can no longer rely on pictures to tell their story; they must use video. No matter what you’re selling, today’s target demographic is Millennials, the most video-oriented generation. They make purchasing decisions for themselves and their parents and grandparents, which is why they hold the most buying power. You don’t need to hire an expensive video creator to tell your eCommerce business’ story. Use an online video creator that has all the tools you need to film professional final products.


Yes, Video Is That Important

If you’re still thinking, “Nope. Not going to do it! Not worth the hassle,” change your mind. Yes, you want pictures on your website, but video increases the sales of your product or services better. People want to see your product or you in action; they don’t want to read about or stare at a bunch of stills. Recent studies show that there is more marketing activity and YouTube and other video-sharing sites than ever, so you need to animate your message with a video creator.

This doesn’t mean you’re designing a cartoon; it means your taking your still marketing pages and turning them into moving marketing pages with the help of an online video creator. People digest information in less than six seconds these days, and they digest that information on their smartphones and tablets. Video offers a quicker and easier way to engage your potential customers on their smaller screens, and you can grab them before they click away better with film than pictures.

Telling Your Story

Of course, film isn’t just for marketing. Consumers today have finally become obsessed with what Coca Cola has been doing for over a century: They want to see your “brand.” Not brand as in a brand name, they want to see you. The personal side of you. The side that makes you tick. The side that makes you do what you do. They also want to see you being a good person, a sustainable person, someone who cares about mankind and the environment, and all of this is expressed through branding.

A video creator gives you the opportunity to put your own face forward, and this is what Millennials want to see. They want to know you, not your company, and not even your product that much. They want to see with whom they are doing business, not with what. This is why you need to brand yourself through video. Get in front of your computer’s camera and tell your story, have some fun, show people how your employees have fun. Whatever you do, touch your viewer.

An online video creator means that you’re the director and the producer, which not only gives you complete control over the final film but also saves you a ton of money. Market your brand using video and increase the traffic to your eCommerce website today. If you work with user-friendly software that produces high-quality results, you’re sure to see a boost in your click through numbers in no time!