Why Students Fail Driving Test The First Time And How To Prepare For Retake?

Studies have revealed that just 40% teens pass in the first attempt in their written driving test, but why do the remaining 60% fail needs to be analysed. Identifying the reasons may help those who are going for the driving exam not make similar errors.



Best adult drivers driving the roads for life may also get snared while answering the questions asked in the written exam. Therefore, it is vital for everyone to prepare well, prior the test. Teens, who have practiced driving, think that they know everything related to it. Overconfidence can find you retaking driver exam.

Last minute cram session

Students wait till the last minute. They try to memorise everything in a lengthy cram session, which continues till the wee hours. Therefore, on the test day you will be deprived of sleep. This will make it difficult to concentrate, which can affect your passing grade. Moreover, answering in short term memory will make you forget it, soon after the exam.

Reading and re-reading

It can be waste of time to read and re-read the Driver’s Handbook. According to psychological science the less effective strategy for studying includes reading & re-reading, highlighting sections, underlying main points and summarizing passages. To retain more information, it is necessary to get actively involved in studying and take breaks, so you don’t suffer exhaustion.

Tension & fear

Several students have studied properly and taken lots of online mock-up tests online. They seriously prepared for the driving test and know the perfect answers, but the moment they enter the test location the fear dominates them.

Extreme nervousness can paralyze your capability to think. Test anxiety is common, especially for those who are not prepared. If you get tensed and frightful before exams just try some yoga, breathing exercises or take hot bath or aroma therapy hours before you go for the exam.

If you failed

Failing driver’s license exam in first attempt is not a reason to feel ashamed. However, you need to retake this permit test. Book for your retake permit test on https://www.booktheorytesttoday.com/. Actually, when to retake permit test will depend on your state. Go home and prepare for your exam.  Be sensible and learn from the mistakes.

Take practice test

Take time and strengthen your grip on road rules and traffic signs. It can be attained through –

  • Study the driver’s manual. For this determine the days you have for preparation before exam. Break up the topics appropriately.
  • Just reading and memorizing the manual is not sufficient. It is necessary to practice. Therefore take several online mock-up tests to get that supreme test-confidence. Online you will surely find loads of road sign mock-up test options. These tests replicate the real tests in format, so you can gauge your readiness accurately. It allows you to overcome your weaknesses and be accurately prepared.
  • Failure in the first place can be lack of sleep, healthy food and regular workouts. Therefore, feed yourself with healthy food, enhance energy levels and never skimp your sleep.

These steps will allow you to pass the driving retake test in flying colours.