Snowmobile Maintenance Tips for Reliable Performance

Snowmobile is often exposed to very extreme conditions. For a trouble-free and enjoyable experience it is necessary to maintain your sled properly. Maintenance includes more than just repairs or replacing a broken part.

Snowmobile is stored for a long time, so it needs to be tuned prior every season. If you don’t have the manual, you can buy it on http://www.repairloader.com/c.php/Polaris. This will help you to gain appropriate knowledge about necessary services to avoid trailside breakdown.

Change the chain-case oil        polaris-800-rush-pro-x-sc

With heating & cooling cycles the chain-case lubes breakdown or get contaminated by water along with metal silvers from sprockets and chains. The chain-case has a drain plug, which drains the oil easily. However, there are a few models, which require you to remove chain-case cover for fluid change. Snowmobile with ACT drive system includes a chain-case that needs to be flushed first before filling.

Chain tension

While changing the chain-case oil, you need to adjust the chain tension. It is vital because loose chain may skip and pulverize the sprockets leading to complete failure. It can impact the reverse system making it hard to forward or reverse the gear.

Clean Clutch sheaves

Clutches allow gaining speed through belt traction & tension, so cleaning the sheaves to eliminate any glaze. Make sure that the sheaves of primary & secondary clutch get scuffed properly. Reinstall the belt and adjust its tension as per instructions in the Polaris manuals. Loose belt can cause the sled to bog on low-end and too-tight belt will squeal as it rubs against the rotating sheaves.


Fresh grease needs to be introduced in the chassis, rear & front suspensions, drive train and steering components. Fresh grease is crucial for the jackshaft and driveshaft bearings because, if it falls you may get stuck on the trail.

Inspect Hyfax

Suspension rails bottom is equipped with Hyfax, a slippery surface. If Hyfax is worn out badly then the rails and track will suffer from beyond repair damages. Review the Polaris manuals for specifications related to thickness of Hyfax material.

Inspect wear bars

Skis need to have good bear bars beneath capable to tolerate the abuse in case of low snow conditions, which are possible in early season rides. Each bar needs to have cutting carbide. If carbide is gone then replace the bar.

Check the exhaust system

Exhaust system of the snowmobile is prone to issues. Multiple gaskets may leak, mounts can crumble, and springs might break. Fully inspect the exhaust system outlet. Leakage in the engine can possible not cause a failure or loss of power but is very messy. Open the hood and check the cylinders front portion for signs of oily mess or stickiness.

Torque it in accordance to recommendation, if necessary. Clean the mount surface with a carburetor cleaner. For stubborn mess use a gasket scraper or wire brush. After cleaning the Y-pipe and the cylinder install new gaskets & torque the pipe as per the manual spec.

Check the seams of the pipe for separation and even the joints of exhaust system. Seams can separate and joints may get corroded. The vibration dampers may have fallen apart, so replace them.

Now, that you have adequate knowledge of what to inspect and service on your snowmobile, prior seasonal ride make sure to conduct it diligently and enjoy your riding experience.