Valuable Scuba Diving Tips For Beginners And Refreshers

Scuba diving does not appeal to everyone. The fear of ending up in the gloomy depth is more paralyzing than experiencing underwater world and colorful coral life. If you are adventurous, but are scare of diving, then here are some good tips for beginners or ones who just need a refresh.

If you are visiting Hawaii the very first time, than consider Oahu scuba diving tours. You can first get trained, but don’t miss to experience underwater wonders of swimming with Green sea turtles.

  • Research the course first
  • Select a professional and experienced scuba diving instructor
  • Choose shallow dive sites with good visibility and warm water
  • Stand-up to your fears and never give up. Look forward to the memorable and awesome experience
  • Learn with group having same experience level
  • Group size is also vital (8 trainees are fine)
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
  • Invest in high quality scuba diving equipments
  • Defog the new mask with toothpaste, before using the first time
  • Ensure to have a comfortable dive buddy

Liveaboard dive trips & courses are worthy because get lots of practice, which will help you to feel extremely comfortable, when you go for scuba dive Oahu. You will be able to enjoy the underwater gems comfortably. However, remember the breathing tips for saving air in the tanks.

Air consumption tips

To make air tank last longer, while scuba diving, follow the steps given below

  • Dive, dive, dive deeper, so you get more comfortable and use less air
  • Breathe slowly but deeply
  • Minimum movements means less air your use, move forward with fins or drift
  • Clip all the gear setup close to the body because drag can increase air consumption
  • Check inflator hose, O-rings and connection points for leakages, before diving
  • Stay horizontal because more vertical position can cause great resistance for swimming against water, thus more air consumption
  • Relax and enjoy the underworld

Tips for night scuba diving

Your first night Honolulu diving can be intimidating because swimming in the dark is not normal. However, you desire to view the underworld at night, which is totally different than daytime.

  • If you are doing some shore dives, than go before sunset
  • Night dives need to be conducted at a familiar location
  • Night dive is generally a shallow dive
  • Use reflective tape on your paraphernalia because if anything drops down, you can find it easily, as soon as light shines on it
  • Descend feet first
  • Discuss hand signals with buddy, before diving
  • Make sure that the light is not aimed into someone’s eyes or that diver may take some time to adjust to night vision again

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