How To Study For College Assignments And Attract New People

writingHere you will discover new ways to study for your assignments, projects and exams, whilst also getting yourself out there in the view of potential new lovers. There are times when you will “have” to study in your dorm alone, such as when you are studying in the early hours of the morning, but you shouldn’t be confined to your dorm room. Let the forever-dateless people hang around alone in their dorm rooms, here is how you study for college assignments and find a new lover at the same time.

Get yourself some exposure in places where it is okay to be seen studying

This means places on and off campus where people may see you studying. If somebody is attracted to you, then he or she may find a way of getting in contact with you. However, they cannot do that if you are locked away in your dorm room. If you are out and about, then they can accidentally walk into you, or accidentally hit you with a Frisbee, or even walk over and ask what you are reading about.

Make sure you do not make the mistake that so many other students make and start studying in the middle of the grass. People are not going to walk out into the middle of a field so they can accidentally walk into you.

Show people what you are reading

If you are reading a book, then hold it up so people can see the title. Do not make it too obvious, but just allow passers by to see what you are reading. It can sometimes be a conversation starter. However, make sure that the place you are doesn’t have too much pedestrian traffic or noise. Stay away from things that may deter friendly conversations, such as smelly bins, rowdy people, and tight spaces such as narrow hallways (that is a really dumb place to study).

Start a study group that meets in very exposed places

It doesn’t matter what the group is about, if you start a study group, then there is a chance you will meet people within the group that you can start dating. Even if you do not, you may gain attention from the other students that are wondering what you are up to. You may mention to other people that you are running a study group and you may ask them to join. The more that join, then the higher the chances are that one of them will like you.

Get somebody else to do your assignments for you

One way to create more time for date hunting is to have other people write your essays and assignments for you. There is plenty of assignment writing help on the Internet and many review sites like They do the work and you write your name on it and hand it in as your own. If you are looking to concentrate on your love life a little more than your education (at least for a little while), then have another person do your assignments and maybe you will be able to start a twosome study group that meets in your dorm room under candlelight.